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Surface Stabilising Fibre

Stabilising fibre makes it easier than ever to rejuvenate old, tired or lifeless arena footings without replacing the existing surface.

The risk of fatigue, physical exertion, and strain-related injuries dramatically increases when riding on an unstable surface. Adding Daytec® fibre to your footing helps to improve its stability by creating a root-like structure within the sand, which binds all the materials together, creating a stable and responsive surface that allows your horse to travel freely over the footing rather than riding through it.

About Daytec®

Sourced from reliable European textile factories, Daytec® is a post-production fibre created exclusively for our equestrian surfaces and is a non-waste product.

Daytec® is added to new or existing sand-based surfaces to improve elasticity, stability and moisture retention.

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Surface Upgrades


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