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About Rubber Chippings

Our high-quality rubber chippings are dust extracted and carefully screened to remove 99.9% of metal, with each chip ranging between 5-30mm in size. When placed on top of equestrian silica sand, this material acts as an insulator – protecting the surface against frost during the winter, and helping to retain important moisture when the conditions are dry. Adding rubber to  equine sand will also help to reduce surface compaction, absorb impact shock and provide horse and rider with a firm, but cushioned ride.

Recommended Quantities

The quantity of rubber required will depend largely on the type of application, the size of the arena and the condition of the current surface:

New Riding Arenas

For new-build riding arenas, we recommend applying 50mm of rubber chippings directly on top of the silica sand, which should be laid to a depth of approximately 100mm.

Surface Top-ups

If simply topping up an existing rubber surface, we recommend that an additional 25mm of rubber should provide enough coverage, depending on the condition of  the current surface.


Delivery Options:



Articulated Lorries

Eight Wheeled Lorries

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