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Our Equi-Drain™ system has been designed to replace the need for a non-woven geotextile membrane, which is traditionally used to separate the arena surface from the underlying drainage system.

Instead, Equi-Drain™ uses a 4-20mm cleanstone for the sub-base with a fine grit laid over the top. This combination creates a stable and level foundation on which to lay your chosen riding surface whilst also ensuring that the arena remains free-draining.

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Geotextile Membranes

If using a geotextile membrane, it’s essential to purchase one of suitable quality, as this type of separation layer can quickly become blocked or damaged over time.

The woven or ‘bottom’ membrane is used to help stabilise the levelled ground and separates the clean drainage layer from the earth. A non-woven or ‘upper’ membrane separates your riding surface from the drainage system, so the fabric’s joints must be sealed correctly to help prevent the footing from migrating into the drainage layer.

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We also manufacture high-performance waxed and non-coated equestrian surfaces for gallops and riding arenas.