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About Fibrewax®

Fibrewax® is a high-performing wax-coated riding surface that has been specifically designed for multipurpose use. Combining washed silica sand, Daytec® stabilising fibre and equestrian grade wax, this general-purpose footing provides both horse and rider with excellent levels of support and stability.

Coated with an equestrian grade wax, Fibrewax® is fully synthetic, dust-free, and requires minimal maintenance and no additional irrigation system to keep it performing at its best. Whilst Fibrewax® is an ideal surface for outdoor riding arenas, we recommend Fibrewax Plus™ for those who require an indoor footing. With a higher wax percentage, Fibrewax Plus™ provides the increased stability needed in the dry conditions of an indoor school.

Elements of Fibrewax®

Every element of Fibrewax® has been carefully sourced to ensure you receive a safe, durable and high performing equestrian surface.

Washed Silica Sand

Our high-quality silica sand is thoroughly screened and industrially washed. Its sub-angular grains of sand help create a highly stable riding surface, whilst its low clay and silt content reduces dust and facilitates efficient drainage.

Daytec® Stabilising Fibre

Manufactured from post-production materials, Daytec® uses a unique blend of synthetic fibres that are guaranteed not to break down or degrade over time. As well as helping to stabilise the surface, Daytec® also provides high levels of cushioning and creates a firm yet supple footing.

Equestrian Wax

Our equestrian grade wax helps bind all the materials of Fibrewax® together – eliminating dust, reducing kick-back and helping to prevent material separation during dry conditions.


Recommended For

Outdoor Arenas


General Use

Private/Small Professional Yards

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