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Aggregates for Drainage Layers

When constructing your arena’s drainage layer, it’s essential to use a primary aggregate that is clean and angular in shape, as this will allow the stone to interlock to create a firm and stable base.

Recycled aggregates often contain impurities that can block the underlying drainage system. However, some types are suitable, and we can advise you of where these can be used in the build. We strongly advise against using road planings or demolition hardcore, as these products may also contain potentially harmful items, such as wire or small pieces of metal.

We can provide a wide range of materials, depending on your location and the area’s natural geology. Our materials are available in various sizes and quantities, so please contact us for a quotation specific to your requirements.

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Aggregates for Pipe Beds

Most drainage systems are constructed using a simple herringbone pattern that features a long drain down the centre of the arena, with smaller channels feeding into it. Once these channels have been lined with a woven membrane (optional) and the drainage pipes have been installed, they are backfilled to their original excavation level with stone.

It’s essential to use a clean, preferably washed, aggregate for the backfill as dust and dirt can block the drainage system. Usually, a 20-40mm cleanstone is used to backfill and sub-base. However, we can also provide a 10-20mm shingle if required.

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Aggregates for Access Tracks & Hardstanding

We recommend a primary aggregate, such as limestone or granite, for areas outside your arena. However, if you decide to lay block paving, asphalt or concrete, a good quality recycled aggregate can be used as a sub-base.

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