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About Fibremix™

Fibremix™ is a popular non-coated riding surface that has been specifically developed for multipurpose use. Combining high quality washed silica sand and Daytec™ stabilising fibre, this high performing surface provides both horse and rider with a stable and supportive footing – no matter what the chosen discipline.

Manufactured with care and precision at our dedicated UK facilities, Fibremix™ is thoroughly blended using sophisticated computer-controlled equipment. This process allows us to create an even and consistent footing, with fibre mixed throughout the entire depth of the surface. Because Fibremix™ is delivered as a complete surface, it’s quick and easy to install with no mess, no hassle and no risk of rotavating up your membrane – unlike other mixed on-site options.

Fibremix™ does benefit from regular rainfall or watering, so is best suited for outdoor schools or training gallops. However, providing a suitable irrigation system is in place, this surface can also be used on indoor riding arenas.

Elements of Fibremix™

Every element of Fibremix™ has been carefully selected to ensure you receive a safe, durable and high performing equestrian surface.

Washed Silica Sand

Our equestrian grade silica sand is thoroughly screened and industrially washed. The  sub-angular grains of sand create a firm and stable surface, whilst its low clay and silt content help to minimise dust and facilitate effective drainage.

Daytec™ Fibre

Daytec™ is made using fully synthetic, post-production carpet fibre that is guaranteed not to breakdown or degrade over time. By creating a root-like structure within the silica sand, the high-quality fibres encourage the retention of important moisture and provide excellent stability; allowing the horse to travel freely over the surface, rather than riding through it.


Surface Characteristics:

Impact Firmness

Surfaces should be firm enough to support the movement of the horse, whilst remaining soft enough to aid shock absorption – minimising concussion to bones and joints.


A cushioning surface will distribute shock forces effectively, whilst still providing enough resistance under the hoof – allowing the horse to balance and move into the rollover phase.


A responsive arena surface will return energy to the horse at the same rate that it was applied – reducing the need for the horse to use its own energy to generate momentum.


Surfaces should provide enough grip to the horse to prevent slipping, but also allow the hoof to slide slightly upon landing – this helps to prevent jarring and absorbs shock.

Recommended For:

General Use


Equestrian Centres

Private Yards

Outdoor Arenas

Exercise Tracks

Surface Upgrades


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