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About Equestrian Silica Sand

Good equestrian-grade sand should have sub-angular-shaped grain particles and a low clay and silt content. These characteristics help create a firm and stable arena surface whilst reducing dust and facilitating efficient drainage. Using silica sand that is unsuitable for equestrian use will likely result in an unsuccessful riding arena surface. Sand with a rounded grain cannot compact sufficiently and creates a manège surface that rides deep, dramatically increasing the risk of fatigue and injury to your horse.

Silica Sand Additives

The correct sand is only one component of any successful riding arena. Unsuitable as a stand-alone surface, we strongly recommend combining your equestrian sand with stabilising fibre, adding a topper of rubber chippings or both.

Daytec™ Stabilising Fibre

Adding a stabilising fibre to your surface creates a root-like structure within the silica sand. This structure helps bind the surface materials together and provides extra stability, which allows your horse to travel freely over the surface rather than riding through it.

Rubber Chippings

When placed on equestrian sand, this material acts as an insulator, protecting the surface against frost during the winter and helping to retain essential moisture when the conditions are dry. Adding rubber to your equine sand will also help reduce surface compaction, absorb impact shock and provide you and your horse with a highly cushioned ride.


Premixed Surface Options

Day Equestrian manufactures high-performance, waxed and non-coated riding surfaces for various equine disciplines. We premix each footing with care and precision at our dedicated UK facility using advanced computer-controlled equipment and deliver it to you as a finished surface that is quick and easy to install.

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