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Silica Sand Supplied for Turnout Area

We recently had the pleasure of supplying a private client with silica sand for a much-needed turnout area. 

“We’re very pleased with the sand; it’s been a lifesaver, what with the fields being so wet!”

Turnout pens have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, thanks to their versatility and relatively easy construction. They provide a safe and secure environment for: 

  • Managing Laminitis – turnout pens often have little to no natural grazing
  • Individual turnout – great for the un-sociable and separating stallions from mares
  • Winter turnout – when fields are unavailable, inaccessible or resting over winter
  • Rehabilitation – allowing injured or recovering horses light exercise in a secure environment

If you’re thinking about building your own project, please contact us for free advice and pricing!

Alternatively, check out our guide on The Importance of Good Quality Silica Sand.

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