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The Different Properties of Waxed and Non-waxed Surfaces

Our premixed riding surfaces come in two broad categories: waxed and non-waxed. Each type offers its own unique set of features which can help to inform your purchasing decision based on your riding requirements and personal preferences.

About Fibrewax®

Generally, waxed riding surfaces do not require additional water to keep them performing at their best. This characteristic makes them the perfect solution for time-pressed yard owners who want a highly stable surface able to withstand heavy wear and tear without an intense maintenance regime.

Fibrewax® is a low-maintenance surface that can be used immediately after installation. It’s a popular choice for private outdoor arenas, livery yards and training gallops due to its long life span and excellent stability.

Carefully mixed at our dedicated facility, Fibrewax® uses a combination of high-quality washed silica sand and synthetic Daytec® stabilising fibres. The mixture is then coated with wax to ensure that the finished footing provides the necessary stability and grip whilst allowing the horse to travel freely over the surface rather than riding through it.

The synthetic stabilising fibres also create a root-like structure within the surface, providing the horse with a highly stable footing, no matter the chosen discipline.

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About Fibremix™

Non-waxed riding surfaces are ideal for equestrians looking to upgrade from a non-mixed arena surface. Our Fibremix™ formula is delivered as a finished surface and is easier to install than other mixed in-situ options.

Fibremix™ is made with equestrian grade silica sand and our unique Daytec® stabilising fibre. The sand has a low clay and silt content, which helps to minimise dust and facilitates good drainage, whilst the fibre element acts as a binder and helps absorb moisture which is needed to keep the surface compact and well blended.

Compared to mixed in-situ surfaces, which do not always incorporate the materials adequately, our premixed footings are combined in a controlled environment using specialist equipment. This process allows us to distribute the surface components evenly and ensures an even mix with a higher fibre ratio.

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Whether you choose one of our waxed or non-coated equine surfaces, you can be confident that your new riding arena will give you many years of enjoyment.