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Fibremix™ Premixed Arena Surface

Thanks to its affordability and ease of installation, Fibremix™ has become our most popular riding arena surface – loved by both professional and private clients, throughout the country. Riders and venues that utilise this durable, pre-mixed surface include Golden Cross Equestrian Centre, Wellington Riding, Boxall Stud and International dressage rider Richard Barratt.

What is Fibremix™?

Created from a carefully sourced blend of high-quality materials, Fibremix™ is a multipurpose riding surface that is suitable for a range of equestrian pursuits, including dressage and show jumping.

Our special mix of high-quality washed silica sand and Daytec™ stabilising fibres, create a surface that is firm and supportive, with the necessary degree of cushioning to protect the horse’s legs from undue strain and injury.

Fibremix™ uses only the highest-grade silica sands – specifically chosen for their low silt and clay content, which minimises dust and allows the surface to retain important moisture, whilst still facilitating excellent drainage.

By blending the equine sand with our unique Daytec™ fibres, the surface provides maximum stability which allows the horse to travel across the surface, rather than riding through it.

Recommended For:

General Use

Outdoor Arenas

Exercise Tracks

Surface Ugrades

Benefits of Fibremix™

Mixed with care and precision at our dedicated UK facilities, we ensure that Fibremix™ contains fibres that are mixed throughout the entire depth of the surface – unlike other ‘mixed on-site’ methods where the fibre is only present throughout the top half of the surface.

Using our specialist computer-controlled equipment also allows us to add twice as much fibre to the surface, which increases stability and moisture retention whilst helping to reduce the risk of fibres migrating during spells of exceptionally dry weather.

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Superior stability over non-mixed surfaces

  • Maintains an even and consistent footing during light, medium or heavy use

  • Only requires occasional irrigation

  • Suitable across all equestrian disciplines

This surface does require a regular and thorough maintenance regime. Increased irrigation may be required during exceptionally dry weather conditions.

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