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Our Delivery Options

With an extensive fleet of haulage vehicles, we can provide quick and reliable deliveries at a schedule that suits you. Delivery of loose material can be arranged in either large artic lorries, standard eight-wheelers, or smaller four-wheelers.

Our standard delivery option for Bagged Rubber or Daytec™ fibre is an 18-tonne pallet lorry with a tail-lift and manual offload. 

Articulated Tippers

Artic lorries are the largest trucks in our fleet. They are most economical over long distances and are suitable for large farms and equestrian centres with excellent access.

Typical Vehicle Dimensions
Tipping height10.3m
Turning circle20m
Maximum capacity29 tonnes

Eight-wheeled Tippers

Eight-wheelers are our standard delivery vehicle as they are suitable for most properties, providing there is good access with no restrictions.

Typical Vehicle Dimensions
Tipping height7.7m
Turning circle25m
Maximum capacity19 tonnes

Four-wheeled Tippers

This lorry is the smallest in our fleet and is suitable for properties with restricted access and small tonnage orders.

Typical Vehicle Dimensions
Tipping height5.4m
Turning circle15m
Maximum capacity10 tonnes


What we Can deliver

Customers ordering vehicles off the highway do so entirely at their own responsibility. If required, delay and waiting time will be charged on an hourly basis. Dimensions are approximate and for guidance only. Capacity (tonnage) will vary according to the material carried.