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About Topwax™

Waxed equestrian surfaces have long been established as the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a premium, top-performing surface – whether it be for an indoor arena, outdoor sand school or training gallop. Topwax™ is a carefully formulated liquid wax, that has been specifically developed for on-site application. This service allows us to rejuvenate and restore your old, tired or dried out equestrian footing, without the hassle or expense of having to remove or replace the existing surface.

Benefits of Topwax™

Applying our Topwax™ system to an existing non-waxed surface can help to improve stability and prolong durability. The specific binding properties of the wax help to reduce dust and maintain the structural integrity of the surface, without the need for high volume irrigation or intense maintenance regimes.

Topwax™ can be easily adjusted to create a bespoke surface that is unique to your individual requirements. For example, applying a light Topwax™ to a non-coated indoor or outdoor surface can help to reduce water consumption, whilst applying a higher level of wax will provide a firmer, more supportive ride.

Suitable for use with most silica sand and fibre-based surfaces, Topwax™ can be used across all equestrian disciplines. Please note that in order to confirm that your existing equestrian surface is suitable for our Topwax™ service, we will need to complete a full site survey.


Our highly skilled and fully trained team will carry out our Topwax™ service quickly and efficiently, with very little disruption. The unique application process uses customised machinery that allows us to distribute the wax directly onto the top half of your existing surface – providing an even and consistent footing with improved stability and durability.

Once the Topwax™ process is completed, the surface is rolled and ready to use the following day. Where increased cushioning and energy return are required, we can also include the addition of our eco-friendly, fully synthetic, Daytec™ fibres.

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