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How to Maintain your Premixed Surface

Your riding arena surface is a substantial investment, so maintaining it throughout the year should be an indispensable part of your routine. In this short guide, we’ll be outlining a few of our top recommendations for keeping your footing in peak condition.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Newly installed non-waxed surfaces will benefit from rain or irrigation to help them settle. Once they have, they will need to be kept damp to ensure the fibres remain well-blended within the surface
  • It is crucial not to churn up the surface while settling. We do not recommend lunging or jumping until the surface is firm enough
  • Use a grading tool with adjustable tines and crumbler rollers to grade the surface, regularly moving jumps and other obstacles
  • Grade your surface regularly to prevent tracking and banking, paying particular attention to the corners and outside track. We highly recommend using different grading patterns and directions
  • Ensure you have the correct type of grader for your surface. We recommend Arena Mate graders for our premixed surfaces as they have crumbler rollers and adjustable tines
  • Periodically check the depth of your footing, taking remedial action if any areas become too thin
  • Manure and leaves should always be removed from the surface as quickly as possible
  •  If there is going to be a frost, we recommend grading your surface last thing at night and again first thing in the morning, as this will encourage any excess moisture to drain away and help prevent the footing from freezing. Also, remember that overly compacted surfaces are more susceptible to frost.

Please note that this is general maintenance information, and individual circumstances should always be considered.