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How to Install Stabilising Fibre

Surface stabilising fibre makes it easier than ever to rejuvenate your lifeless arena surface. In this short step-by-step guide we will be explaining how to install our fully synthetic Daytec™ fibre, which can be added to new or existing silica sand-based surfaces. These high-quality fibres help to knit all the surface materials together, allowing your horse to travel freely over the arena footing. It’s benefits include improved stability, cushioning, responsiveness and important water retention.

The Installation Process:

1. Ensure the existing surface is a minimum depth of 125mm to 150mm across the entire arena using a depth probe – re-distributing the existing surface where necessary.

2. Dampen the surface if needed.

3. Divide the surface area into equal sections, corresponding to the number of bales that need to be added – please contact us to find out how many bales we recommend for your arena size.

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4. Break up the bales in each section of the arena and level to a consistent depth. You may find it easier to break up the bales using a bale chopper or digger.

5. Once the fibre is spread evenly over the entire surface, soak the fibres with water.

6. Using a power harrow, rotavator or stone burier, set to a depth of 50mm to 70mm, blend the fibres down into the surface – being very careful not to hit the underlying arena membrane.

7. Compact the surface with a digger by tracking it up and down.

8. Repeat steps 6 to 7 until the fibres are fully blended into the surface. You should not see the fibres sitting proud of the surface.


9. Roll the surface, then grade until it is flat and even.

10. Keep the surface damp to ensure the fibres remain well blended within the sand. If the surface dries out, the fibres may rise to the top – at this point you will need to water and re-blend the fibres back into the surface as soon as possible, as described in steps 6 to 8.

For general information about how to maintain your surface, please refer to our maintenance page.

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We also manufacture a range of waxed and non-waxed surfaces, which have been pre-mixed at our dedicated UK facility. Investing in a pre-mixed formula ensures that you’ll receive an even and consistent footing, that is quick and easy to install, with no risk of rotovating up your membrane.