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Fibrewax® | A Waxed Equestrian Surface

Fibrewax® is a responsive and durable equestrian surface that provides your horse with the correct levels of support and cushioning. It is easy to install and includes a blend of fully synthetic fibres, high-quality washed silica sand and equestrian-grade wax.

Elements of Fibrewax®

Each ingredient of Fibrewax® is carefully selected to provide a safe and secure footing that allows your horse to work confidently to their full potential:

  • Equestrian grade silica sand

  • Daytec® stabilising fibres

  • Equestrian wax

This equestrian surface performs well in all weather conditions and does not require an irrigation system to maintain its optimum performance level. It is also dust-free and suitable for outdoor riding arenas.

Suitable For:


Outdoor Arenas

General Riding



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