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Environment Agency Makes Decision on Waste Carpet Fibre

We have been advised that the Environment Agency (EA) is progressing with the prompt withdrawal of Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) 248, which applies to the use of shredded waste carpets in equestrian surfaces.

The EA is withdrawing the RPS primarily due to the presence of hazardous substances and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) commonly found within waste carpets.

Does this mean the EA has banned using all types of carpet fibre in equestrian surfaces?

The simple answer is no!

Customers looking to purchase fibre additives for equestrian riding surfaces can still do so, provided the fibre is classed as a non-waste product.

For example, our Daytec® fibre is classified as a by-product, not a waste. Therefore, it does NOT rely on the RPS and can still be used in equestrian riding surfaces.

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