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What to Consider When Choosing an Arena Surface for Show Jumping

For horses to perform at their best, they require complete confidence in their footing and a safe arena surface on which to train – ligament and tendon damage in sport horses is more likely to occur whilst jumping on an unsuitable arena surface than at any other time. A good show jumping surface is designed to meet the need for higher upward and downward forces, heavier loads and increased impact absorption. Investing in a high-quality show jumping surface will provide cushioning and traction – helping to reduce injuries, strains and slips.

Key Surface Properties:



A surface that provides cushioning will help to reduce the amount of shock impact applied to the horse’s bones and joints – particularly during take-off and landing.


Show jumping surfaces need to be highly stable and supportive to help prevent slips, trips, falls and injuries. Soft or dry arena surfaces have less stability – increasing the strain on ligaments and causing unnecessary fatigue.


A good show jumping surface needs to be hard wearing and able to cope with the sport’s high demands.

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